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Technology Education Sports targets the development, the transmission of new technologies and their "engagement" to the Educational System of Greece and the Culture, as well as taking advantage of the possibilities, on educational, cultural and youth subjects, that the Internet can provide.

In other words:

  • Presenting the Educational System of Greece as well as the culture and the identity of each corner of Greece, to people all over the world.
  • Giving to teachers pupils and students the opportunity to express them selves without limits.
  • Becoming a communication bridge between teacher, students and youngsters from all over the world, and between Greek people that live abroad and those who live in Greece.
  • Making it easier for people that work with education in general (pupils, students, teachers, professors, school advisors, parents, etc) and for European people as well, to exchange ideas, knowledge and opinions.
  • Development and promotion of the Greek cultural heritage in Europe and in all over the world.
  • Giving to teachers and students the opportunity to learn how to use computers.
  • Making lectures and participating to many seminars in Greece and in all over the world on educational, cultural, youth and new technologies toppics.
  • Presentations (electronic and on paper) like: Websites Administration,
  • Leaflet and magazine's publishing and creation of CD-ROM, Multimedia etc.
  • Organizing projects that contribute to the promotion and development of new technologies in educational and cultural level and that are helpful and useful to Greece and Education.
  • Making seminars for teaching people how to use computers and the Internet services
  • Organizing competitions and games that have an educational purpose and help students develop their skills through team or individual work.

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About us

Experimental TES is a non-governmental organisation situated in the greek island of Chios.
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